What Clients Are Saying

“I have laser focus on my life mission.”

I am so grateful to Jacqui for her guidance during a time of exciting transitions in my life. Her intuitive readings are spot on and have helped me put laser focus on my life mission. I always leave our conversations feeling renewed and inspired! I also love how she is always walking her talk, diving deeper into her own passions for travel, meditation, and refining her healing skills. I count myself truly blessed to know her and I recommend her to anyone seeking to uplevel their lives with the help of heart-centered intuitive guidance.


“100 percent clearer.”

Jacqui is such a warm and loving healer. When I work with her I know she is going to get to the root of my challenge and work on resolving it with me. I always feel 100 percent clearer and energized after working with her.


“I have felt both energetic and grounded.”

Thank you for the amazing session. I’m not sure if I shared that my focus on the color green shifted with an awareness of chakra colors as you worked. I have felt both energetic and grounded after the healing work. Many thanks for offering the guiding messages as well.

All best,


“Our house is being put to such good use.”

I have a big house with a front porch and a back deck but my kids never invited their friends over. I wanted them to feel that their friends could come over and have a good time. We were unable to forget the bad memories and heavy energy in the house due to a family member’s advanced alcoholism. I didn’t tell my sons that Jacqui energetically cleared the house, top to bottom. The very next day, the boys brought friends home with them after school and this has continued. They and their friends are cooking for each other and having a wonderful time. I’m so happy that our house is being put to such good use. Thank you Jacqui!


“The session removed a lot of stagnant energy.”

I did a mini remote space clearing healing with Jacqui and the next day felt compelled to sift through my apartment, which had been in complete disorder for several months. What seemed like an overwhelming task before seemed to flow almost effortlessly. My partner experienced a similar shift, and I came home to a spotless kitchen! I also felt compelled to re-purpose parts of my space to function more optimally. Overall, I feel that the session removed a lot of stagnant energy and transformed moving forward and getting organized from a daunting task to the next logical step. Thanks Jacqui!

Woburn, MA

“I could immediately feel the shift.”

I found Jacqui quite by accident, although she would point out that there are no accidents and it was meant to be. I didn’t know I was looking for someone to help me. All I knew is that I felt a profound heaviness at work. I had tried to ‘fix’ this heaviness is many different ways, but no matter what I tried, nothing really seemed to make a lasting change.

When Jacqui told me what she did, I immediately wondered if she would be able to help. I had her come to my business to conduct an energy clearing. I didn’t know what to expect, and she thoroughly explained the process to me, from the actual clearing to what I may feel or experience in the days after the clearing.

I helped her with the clearing, and I consider this experience the beginning of my transformation. I could immediately feel the shift in energy, and with this shift came a renewed sense of understanding, purpose and focus. Within days, I made changes within my workplace that until that moment, I felt were out of my control to change.

The shift in energy continues to this day. Jacqui’s work went far beyond that one afternoon. She continues to reach out to me to check in from time to time, showing me how much she authentically cares for me and her work.

I cannot recommend Jacqui highly enough. She is truly an intuitive healer, and has the gift to simultaneously heal and to teach so that we can all bring higher vibrational energy forward into the world.

I look forward to working with Jacqui long into the future.


“Our house felt much calmer and more relaxed.”

I asked Jacqui to run a clearing for us just before our house was being re-appraised for a loan. I was excited to have her come in the hopes that it would help the appraiser to see our house in the best possible light. Jacqui was very focused and thorough; asking beforehand what atmosphere we wanted to have in our home. She made sure to cover every area in our home spending extra time where it seemed to need it. After she finished, our house felt much calmer and more relaxed. That in itself was a great benefit. I was amazed though when the appraisal came back at a value higher than my most optimistic number had been!


“Lighter and open to new possibilities.”

Working with Jacqui was a lovely experience. I was preparing to move and felt like something was holding me back, I couldn’t put my finger on it. Jacqui took the time to understand our situation and then went through my home – clearing the energy in each room. When she was finished, I had the distinct feeling that the house and my family were lighter and open to new possibilities.

Medfield, MA

“Things have turned around!”

I am a salon owner for 30 plus years. I suddenly discovered that I was struggling with hiring the right people for my salon. Along with that, I felt my energy level become drained from trying so hard and coming up short! I turned to a client and friend – Jacqui to help me in any way she could. Through our talks I discovered that Jacqui suggested a Space Clearing of my salon. After the clearing, things have turned around! I have hired a great new stylist and I am in the process of hiring an esthetician. This position had been open for 10 months! The clearing not only brought good prospective candidates to my salon, it also enabled me to refocus and bring back the positive energy I was looking for into myself and my salon! I am so grateful for trying the clearing and receiving the great results I was hoping for. Thanks for it all Jacqui.

Boxborough MA

“She helped me truly love and understand myself.”

I am so very grateful to have met Jacqui, she is an incredibly gifted healer, who has a powerful connection to the Divine and her own inner knowing. During her healing, she was able to tune in and become aware of what was blocking me. She then worked with me to clear them. I am truly grateful to her for sharing her Divine abilities, as her healings have helped me truly love and understand myself in a more expansive, higher way. Thank you Jacqui!!!! With peace and love,


“She has made a huge impact.”

It was a pleasure to work with Jacqui. She has such a caring demeanor about her and is full of love and light. She is truly an empathetic healer of mind and body and has made a huge impact in my overall wellbeing. She has an innate ability to help others tune into their bodies and realize their full healing potential.


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