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Introducing WAVES of Transformation

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NOW more than ever…

Consistent attention to self-care is incredibly important. In order to support and help as many people as possible, I have created Waves of Transformation  – an offering of individual healing in a group setting.

Individual healing in a group setting not only raises the energetic frequency for those in attendance, but also has an outward effect. As I have been working with groups, I have seen and felt that the healing energy goes beyond our group rippling outward benefitting many beyond our group. As we access and tune into higher vibrational energy we are helping to heal others as well as supporting our planet and beyond.

Waves of Transformation will be very accessible as all meetings will be held remotely via Zoom. You will be led through guided healing meditations with visualizations. To enhance the individual specialized approach, these meetings will not be interactive. Each gathering will be organic as I tune into the needs of the individual as well what is most supportive for the group.

Collective work allows us to access more energetic frequencies. Our collective group energy multiplies and amplifies and has a ripple effect.

In this group work you will experience:

A personalized journey
Individual intention/vision setting
Releasing energetic blocks
Supportive higher vibrational healing energy
Connection with and integration of higher vibrational energy which has a positive impact on our lives.

Waves of Transformation is collaborative individual healing in a supportive group setting.

After mindfully setting your intentions, you will embark on an individual journey of releasing energy blocks and receiving healing energy. The power of the collective group will bring exponential activation and amplification of your own energetic healing.

Your individual healing in a group setting will bring about expansive impact for yourself and the collective.

The time for healing is NOW.

Pay what you can: Everyone is worthy of and deserves the gift of healing. Please pay which feels comfortable to you.:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?
Waves of Transformation is a remote group healing guided meditation. During our time I will take you on a guided journey with intention setting and visualizations.
When are the gatherings?
The gatherings will happen consistently twice a month – the first Monday 7:00- 7:45pm EST and the last Thursday 7:00-7:45pm EST. There may also be additional meetings strategically planned monthly based on additional energetic support from other events which are happening.
How will these group meetings happen?
These energy healing sessions will be via zoom. Participants who register will receive a zoom link. Each meeting will be recorded and participants will have access to the recording which allows you to participate live or when it’s convenient for you. It is designed organically so you will also be able to stay in the mediation as long as you like.
What happens during the energy healing?
All participants will log into the zoom link.

In order to make this a safe space and for privacy reasons, all cameras will be off and participants will be muted.

The zoom room will open 5 minutes before the hour to allow time for everyone to join and settle in comfortably.

The healing will begin on the hour and will be in the format of a guided meditation.

Each person’s journey will be different with the intention of what is for their highest and best.

Common things that may or may not happen for you:

You may feel like nothing is happening. Not to worry…everyone is different and healing
feels different for every person.
You may have a hard time quieting your brain. Don’t fight it. Just breathe, acknowledge your thoughts, and be gentle with yourself. Try to bring your awareness back to the guided visualizations if you can.
Physical sensations in your body: You may feel a twitch, tingling, pulsing, goosebumps, warmth or a coldness in your body. If any of these things happen to you, trust and know that these sensations are for your highest and best.
You may feel emotional or memories may come into your awareness. If this happens for you, it is part of your healing process. Memories may come to mind to help them release and tears are a form of release and healing.
Visual sensations: You may see colors, shapes or other visuals.
You may feel more connected to your intuition. You may get messages or answers to questions that you have been wondering about. You may feel guided to move toward something new in your life.
You may feel like you fell asleep. Often times when this happens it is an indication that you went into a deep meditative state. This may happen to help you receive the healing.

“I’ve done a few group energy healing sessions with Jacqui and am always amazed how I feel afterwards. Even though there are others in the group setting, they always some how feel tailored to my needs individually. Often Jacqui’s amazing intuition and insight pick up things that I maybe hadn’t even thought were present. After each session, I come away feeling lighter, more free, and full of positive energy.” -E.C.


Group Guided Meditation and Energy Clearing Session

If you have a small to medium sized group who would like to experience a session join me in a powerful exploration into the world of energy healing. Discover how energy impacts your life. During this group session, I will take you on a journey using some guided visualizations. I will help you disconnect from fear, uncertainty, anxiety and worry. I will clear your energy and help you with connecting to and pulling in higher vibrational energy. My process will help you feel lighter, calmer, centered and more balanced. You will leave the session feeling more empowered having self-care tools you can use on your own. Each session can be organic and tailored to the group. There will also be an opportunity for self-reflection and questions.

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